The Management of the Ghana Urban Water Limited, the Subsidiary Company managing the operations of the Ghana Water Company Limited, wishes to inform the General Public that the dry Harmattan season is here again and Customers are advised to conserve and use water wisely to minimise the impact of the usual shortfall in supply during the period.

In 2011, the impact of the dry season was not seriously felt due to prudent Management and consequent improvement in the system, and Management expects  a better situation this year, but it depends on how well all stakeholders manage the Situation.

Management of Ghana Urban Water Limited will therefore appreciate it if customers will manage water effectively to enable all consumers have enough.

All Customers are therefore advised to observe the following Water Conservation


. Cease indiscriminate watering of Lawns with treated water,

  •  Moderate the use of treated water for car washing through the use of bucket instead of hosing,
  •  Repair all leakages in the homes.
  • Use ball valves in reservoirs to prevent overflow
  • Practice water storage
  • Report all burst pipes and leakages immediately to the nearest Ghana Urban Water Limited / Ghana Water Company Limited district offices, customer service centres, fault offices and Call centre.
  • 7.  Report all persons involved in illegal connection, by–passes and any malpractices against Ghana Urban Water Limited and Ghana Water Company Limited.

Management will want to bring to the attention of Customers that, the Customer Call Centre is still in operation and Customers are encouraged to call the following numbers,

Management of GUWL and GWCL will appreciate feedback from Customers in the Various Communities as they experience Improvements in the system.  The Ghana Urban Water Limited is committed to the provision of potable water to the people of Ghana and we will work hard to realise that vision.

The Management of Ghana Urban Water Limited and Ghana Water Company Limited wishes all Ghanaians a prosperous new year and it’s envisaged that, the payment of Water Bills shall be a priority in the budget for every customer.

Help Ghana Urban Water Limited and Ghana Water Company Limited, to serve you better.For further details, please contact;

Stanley Martey – 0244 336 180.


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