Ensure Strict Road Safety Regulations Compliance -Vice-Prez Dares Authorities

Vice President Mr. John Dramani Mahama has dared the Ghana Police Service and the appropriate Authorities to be firm in ensuring compliance with regulations governing road safety in the country since there are existing legislation.
He was inaugurating the Road Safety Management Services Limited (RSMSL) heavy-duty commercial towing vehicles and equipment in Accra. The event also marked the official opening of the RSMSL as a road safety management service provider.
The event was organized by The National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), in partnership with Transport Ministry the Motor Traffic and Transport Unit (MTTU) of the Ghana Police Service, Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) Finance Ministry and the RSMS road safety management project.
The RSMSL equipment is meant to reduce incidents of road accidents to the barest minimum. It is made up of 38 towing trucks, 15 ambulances, 10 motorbikes for rapid response to accident scenes, 10 pick-ups and wagons and stationary traffic lights, all procured at a cost of $15 million.
Vice-President Mahama noted that the police had turned a blind eye to enforcing existing road safety laws although they were aware of the dangers of drink driving and defective vehicles plying the roads.
The inauguration of the equipment was necessitated by the high rates of road traffic accident in the country.
According to the NRSC, the country lost up to 1.6 per cent of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to road traffic accidents annually.
He also announced the introduction of a towing service levy as part of the act that would make towing service mandatorily free of charge in the nearest future.
The levy, according him, would be lodged in a fund for the purpose of providing free towing services for vehicle owners, thereby making it easier for disabled vehicles to be cleared immediately.
Mr. Mahama expressed much disappointment at the recent reports of deaths caused by reckless drivers on the newly constructed George Walker Bush Highway.
Mr. Mahama noted that road traffic fatalities were usually high during festive seasons such as Easter, Christmas, as well as electioneering periods.
The Vice-President was hopeful that the launch of the 10-year strategy, with the aim of reducing road accidents, would address the adverse effects of the numerous road safety challenges that confronted Ghana.
Transport Minister, Alhaji Collins Dauda, said the continuous loss of the country’s human resource resulted from laxity in road traffic regulations.
He urged politicians and office holders to intercede for offenders of traffic regulations because those interventions went to intimidate the police and prevent them from carrying out their mandated duties.
Air Commodore Basin Dery (rtd), General Manager of RSMSL, hinted that an additional 88 tow trucks of various categories were being purchased to augment the fleet.
Repairs and maintenance depots, he added, had been set up nation-wide, with 24-7 hour call centre for rapid deployment of emergency services and that some 3,000 personnel, with 10 regional depot co-ordinators, to manage activities across board.
General Manager explained that the arrival of the additional fleet would increase employment opportunities for the youth, while achieving the overall purpose of reducing road crashes.


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