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TIME FOR ACTION- Apostle Amoako-Attah, Freedom Chapel Int’l

24 Apr

Apostle Amoako-Attah, Freedom Chapel International Overseer, has taken a swipe on the recent violence that characterized the biometric registration exercise in some parts of the country and has called on the government to live up to its words by creating employment for the unemployed youth.

According to him if those youth involved in the recent violence were employed it would have been difficult for them to be swayed by some politicians to cause trouble during elections.

He dared politicians to exercise decorum and stop inducing the youth to misbehave at political platforms but rather set good examples (foundation) for the youth to build upon it, a legacy that is worth emulating.

He said this in an interview on recent developments which might lead to this year’s General Elections, with the National Times in his Church Office in Accra.

“Politicians should stop promoting ethnocentrism with disregard to invading Ghana’s fledgling democracy’, he noted, adding that it was also necessary for them to exhibit self discipline in their activities at the right time and place.

Apostle Amoako-Atta noted with regret the breakdown of respect in society that has engulf the youth in recent times, stressing that the consiquence of the absence of Religious and Moral Studies in Ghana’s Education Curricula, as well as bad precedence set by ‘our’ politicians and leaders in the country is the cause of the problem.

He seized the opportunity to encourage Christians, especially more women to participate in politics in order to instill discipline and show good examples for the youth to emulate rather than leaving it to some politicians alone.

The man of God further noted that the “Ghanaian Culture” of respect that ‘our’ forefathers bequeath to us is no more.

In his reaction to the recent comments by the Asin North M.P which has been the cause of sensation in the air waves, he urged the security agencies to be neutral in tampering justice and avoid playing politics with wrong doings in order for a lasting peace in Ghana to prevail.

“In practicing our culture, we should note that C-means control, where we all no matter the circumstances’ should try to control ourselves. ‘U’ signifies understanding, where one must understand one other. Whiles ‘L’ stands for learning from our mistakes and moving on in life. ’U’  stands for trusting one another as well as trusting that with a common goal Ghana can develop. ‘U’ means unity, whiles ‘R’ also shows respect  of which the youth must hold fast. ‘E’ means endurance”, he stated.