ROAD ACCIDENTS TO REDUCE DRASTICALLY …As RS Management Services Gears up to Begin Operations.

17 Feb


…As RS Management Services Gears up to Begin Operations.



The Road Safety Management Services Limited (RSMSL), a road services provider, is set to start operations, amidst high prospects for job creation for thousands of Ghanaian youths.


The company, which is pursuing a multifaceted road safety management initiative aimed at enhancing safe road transportation, is making huge investments in what would change the face of road safety in the country.


Among other things, the company is rolling out its road safety project which is focusing on, investments in the establishment of facilities to provide advanced road safety.


The project, which is expected to generate some 4,000 jobs for the youth, is a collaborative initiative with the Ministries of Transport and Finance & Economic Planning, National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) and the Police Motor Transport and Traffic Unit (MTTU).


As part of the project, RSMSL is financing the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of a network of traffic cameras to check excessive speeding on the roads.


It is also investing in the building, operation and maintenance of a vehicle recovery and towing service centres on the highways for rapid removal and recovery of accident or broken down vehicles on the roads.


To aid the towing operations, the company is also investing in the construction of a full service vehicle parking centres that would accommodate towed and accident vehicles, as well as offer repair services to for faulty vehicles.


Additionally, the company, which is a wholly-owned Ghanaian firm specialised in road safety management through the use of electronic traffic, security and safety solutions, is building of rest stops on all the major roads in collaboration with the relevant Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs).


This is aimed at providing motorists with driving breaks so as to reduce road accidents attributable to driver fatigue.

These rest stops would also serve as service centres equipped with eco- and family-friendly facilities and will offer quick service dining, coffee, convenience retail, tourism information and fully-furnished washrooms.


The 24-hour rest centres are expected to be adequately equipped to provide motorists and travellers alike all the safety, security and other basic needs for total comfort during the course of the journey, such as emergency vehicle serving.


Furthermore, the company is financing the acquisition of an initial 20 state-of-the-art ambulances to ensure the provision of a consistent and reliable ambulance services at vantage points on major roads.


The benefit of the company’s planned investments range from job creation through skills acquisition and technology transfer to accelerated economic development.


On job creation, with the exception of a few expatriate staff who are expected to provide technical advisory services and support in the stages of the project, the entire operations is to be fully staffed by Ghanaians.


The project is envisaged to provide an initial employment for about 1,000 Ghanaians who will man the communication, recovery and service centres along the major roads.


The establishment of the various Rest Stops and Service Centres along our highways will also create about 350 construction related jobs and around 2,500 in the service delivery system. Aside from these direct job avenues to be created, these centres will also generate other economic spinoffs for the surrounding communities


It is also envisaged that the ambulance service to be established would generate employment for at least 100 Ghanaians at the onset.


According to management of the company, the project will significantly contribute to poverty reduction, and also help the government to save cost from effects of road accidents.


Apart from the generation of close to 4000 jobs for the youth, the project is expected to offer a further boost to vehicle and equipment parts dealers as all other providers of resources needed for the smooth running and maintenance of the various facilities under RSMSL projects.


“The smooth take off of these projects present the nation with opportunities for significant development and transfer of skills in technology applications to road safety and security management. The operations of the company are geared at addressing the four major areas identified the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC) as contributing factors to road traffic accidents.


According to the NRSC, the company’s collaborative partner, human Factors unsafe vehicles, including broken down and abandoned vehicles, road and environmental hazards and poor emergency medical response are the contributory factors to road accidents in the country.

The Police Administration, which has expressed its commitment to work with RSMSL, is optimistic that the project would help to the major challenge of the unavailability of proper towing services facing MTTU.

Paul Tawiah Quaye, the IGP, recently expressed about the operations of RSMSL, whose technological expertise and resources in towing services, he observed, will help to reduce deaths, create jobs and accelerate the economic development in the country.

Recent statistics show that six people die daily through road accidents, culminating in some 1,800 people perishing annually.

Twenty three percent of the victims are occupants of commercial vehicles, while majority accidents are caused by the presence of broken-down vehicles on the roads.



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