Rotary Club to support drug fight with GHc 20,000

20 Sep


In its bid to wipe out the menace of drug abuse, in addition to eradicating polio in the country, the Rotary Club-Accra East has mobilized an initial amount of GHC 20,000.

This new initiative of the club called (New Generations) launched in Accra is in addition to its existing avenues of service to mankind (Vocation, Community, International and Foundation).

The new addition will be carried out by involving 18 schools around the Burma Camp Cluster of schools and some selected schools In Teshie through engaging about 2160 pupils as agents of change.

Rotary Club of Accra-East was formed at the Old Ambassador Hotel, now Movempic Ambassador Hotel in 1986 and has to date committed numerous services to mankind. The club has over the years contributed immensely to eradicating polio disease in Ghana.

However, at its 25th Anniversary Fund Raising Dinner and Presidential Ball event in Accra, Mr. Joe Hyde, President, Rotary Club Accra-East told the National Times in an interview that the club is committed to roll-out its planned programs of action in identifying any potential dangers of drug abuse and winning the youth off peer and economic pressures.

According to him by engaging the youth especially by targeting 18 schools and the 2160 pupils, the Club will disseminate Rotary programs and inculcate in them a sense of good values, as well as self respect and dignity in order to make them foot-soldiers against substance abuse.

‘The event was organized to raise awareness and also to mobilize financial support as well as contributing to the re-equipping of the Korle-Bu Addictive Drug Unit and Rehabilitation Centers’, he emphasized.

Mr. Hyde noted with grave concern about the likelihood of the recently reported 32 cases of Polio disease in neighboring Cote D’Ivoire showing up in Ghana and challenged the National Immunization Program in Ghana to step up its efforts in preventing the disease.

The Club also has a Malaria District Designated Funds as additional service to mankind.

The President expressed the Club’s pledge and commitment to continue every single planned initiative.

BY Ernest K. Chanani


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