30 Aug

Airtel educates Journalists on MNP

Airtel Ghana, currently the fastest growing mobile overage network, on Tuesday schooled journalists in Accra on the Mobile Numbers Portability (MNP) process with a firm assurance of rewarding subscribers best customer service when it takes off.

“Airtel Ghana believes in providing customers what it promises to give them and will not in any way take them for granted. The introduction of MNP come July 1st this year means Airtel must further improve its customer service and this we are ready to do,” Airtel’s Marketing Manager, Mr Oare Ojeikere said.

According to him, the MNP being spearheaded by the National Communication Authority (NCA) in collaboration with the six mobile operators would revolutionize the mobile industry making the customer more relevant and powerful.

He said a mobile subscriber from July 1st this year would have the freedom to choose an operator of his/her choice, enjoys better service and relevant products as well as make some savings on their money.

The company said a person, who wishes to port his number to Airtel, from July 1st only have to walk to an Airtel retailer or an Airtel Zap Agent with his phone and a valid Identity Card and indicate his intention to port his number.

Ideally the process can be completed within 15 minutes if there are no problems regarding the ownership of the phone and the ID. The rule, however says a porting process should not exceed 24 hours.

The Managing Director of Airtel Ghana, Mr Philip Sowah, however, expressed worry that the education on MNP process among the Ghanaian populace was inadequate and called for it to be stepped up.

Mr Bob Palitz, the Consultant to the NMC on the MNP process, gave the assurance that all was set to begin its introduction noting that the process had been very transparent and had also enjoyed effective cooperation from all the networks.

He said test runs for the various network operators were conducted in March this year and that a draft bill on the sanctions and fines to be imposed on operators who flout the rules of the system was ready for approval.

The effectiveness of a MNP, Mr Palitz said was not about technology in place, but how effective the regulator enforces the rules and regulations of porting ensuring that the operators complied with them.


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